Best talks at GDC 2015


I’ve been watching the talks given at GDC 2015. Some of them are very interesting and worth your time. The talks I listed bellow are the ones I most enjoyed but I encourage you to check out all the content available at GDC Vault because there are a lot of good talks that didn’t catch my attention.I’m also not giving any explanation on any of the links because they are most of the time self-explanatory.

If you don’t have time to watch all of them, watch at least the first one, about the choices made by the team at Uper One Games on how they made Never Alone. Have fun.

Never Alone: The Art and the People of the Story (by Dima Veryovka, Sean Vesce)

Less is More: Designing Awesome AI (by Dr. Kimberly Voll)

JPS+: Over 100x Faster than A* (by Steve Rabin)

The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers (by Itay Karen)

Destiny’s Multithreaded Rendering Architecture (by Natalya Tatarchuk)

Building Fear in Alien: Isolation (by Alistair Hope)

Design of Adventure for the Atari 2600: The First Action-Adventure Game (by Warren Robinett)

Post Mortem: YARS’ Revenge (by Howard Scott Warshaw)

Parallelizing the Naughty Dog Engine Using Fibers (by Christian Gyrling)

Code Clinic: How to Write Code the Compiler Can Actually Optimize (by Mike Acton)

Turing Tantrums: AI Devs Rant! (many developers)

VR for Indies (many developers)


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